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Oilseed Rape is a major break crop in most combinable crops rotations, establishing it is carried out in a number of ways - we are able to offer two methods of ‘single pass’ establishment plus conventional drilling.

Our primary method of establishing OSR is to use a Cousins V-Form 5 leg subsoiler. This is setup for OSR ‘subcasting’ in a number of ways, firstly we run a straight disc in front of each leg, this helps to minimise surface disturbance when the the leg is pulled through the ground. Secondly, the standard subsoiling leg is used, but with a narrower set of wings which reduces the surface disturbance and leaves a leveller finish but still gives the benefits of subsoiling. Thirdly the V-form is fitted with a special ‘Zone’ packer, that only presses behind each leg, rather than across the whole width of the machine - improving consolidation of the soil that has been disturbed by the leg.

Liquid fertiliser can be applied behind the leg, seed is dropped into a band in front of the packer and slug pellets are applied behind the packer, across the whole width of the machine.

Our second method of establishing OSR in a single pass is using our JD 750a disc drill. The excellent seed placement and low disturbance of this drill makes it an ideal method of establishing OSR in fields with a high blackgrass population because it does not disturb soil at depth - reducing the chances of blackgrass emerging from depth and being difficult to control with residual herbicides.

If you are using a plough or cultivator based system, we can also establish OSR using a Kuhn Megant tine drill, or the 750a.

All of our OSR establishment equipment is fitted with GPS auto-steer, and operators have the required PA4 certificate and are NRoSO registered to apply slug pellets if required.

To book, or discuss an operation further please call Matt on 07845 667331

OSR Establishment

Above is a short video of the OSR Subcasting system working - it is an old video from 2012, so there are no front discs fitted.