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Good hedges that are properly maintained are beneficial to both the owner, and the environment. They provide nesting sites and food for birds, small mammals and even insects, while also providing an impassible boundary to keep land secure. They also provide shelter from the wind for stock, help to reduce erosion and help to create the character of the countryside. If hedges are left to become overgrown, they are not only costly to regenerate, but can also look unsightly if they have to be cut back a lot.

We operate a McConnell PA55E flail hedge cutter with heavy duty flails. The heavy duty flails help to provide a neat finish to hedges with up to 3 years growth, as well as reducing the number of passes required to handle larger growth - increasing efficiency.

Our operator also holds a LANTRA Arm Mounted Flail Cutter certificate of competence.

We can also carryout hedge coppicing or planting of new hedges please contact us for more information.

Call Matt on 07845 667331 to discuss your requirements.