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Cultivations are the supporting pillar of any growing crop - get them wrong and they will have implications thoughout the season and in the worst case could result in crop failure. By offering a wide range of cultivation methods - as well as direct drilling! - We can ensure that whatever our customers requirement, we have the machinery available to help carryout the job to our high standards.

Ploughing - Ploughing still remains an important cultivation method, both for burying crop residues and weed seeds to help create a clean seed bed, and also to help relieve compaction and help improve soil structure.

We operate a Kverneland 5 furrow hydraulic vari-width plough, with no28 bodies - these allow  larger tyres to be run in the furrow bottom without squashing previously ploughed ground. The hydraulic vari-width allows the furrow width to be changed from the cab, allowing changes to be made quickly and easily for different conditions or neatly ploughing around obstacles.

Subsoiling - Subsoiling is great way of helping to relieve compaction and help with soil drainage. Relieving compaction below the depth of ploughing or general cultivations can also help to increase crop yields as it allows crop roots to grow deeper more easily, increasing the plants ability to withstand dry conditions.

We operate two subsoilers, a 3leg Spaldings FlatLift subsoiler that can also be fitted with a row of discs and/or a row of rigid tines. It is capable of working to a depth of 18inches, on stubble or cultivated ground. The width between the legs is also adjustable to allow optimum machine settings for varying conditions. The other subsoiler is a Cousins V-Form with 5 legs.

Stubble Cultivating - Plough based cultivation systems can be costly, slow and it’s sometimes hard to get a good seedbed. Using a tine and disc cultivator can help to reduce costs, save time and could even help to get a better seedbed. Using the tines to move the ground down to ploughing depth, but without inverting it means that compaction can be relieved while also keeping earth worms happy! The worms help to improve soil structure and will pull straw and crop residues from the surface, helping to break them down. The discs then work at a shallower depth, chopping and mixing the stubble and straw etc while the packer helps to break up clods, and create a firm, weather-proof surface.

We operate a 3m Simba X-press cultivator with an ST-bar. It is fully adjustable - leg depth, disc angle and depth, so it can be setup to work well in a wide variety conditions.This relatively compact cultivator leaves a good tilth behind, and can be used again over the same are to further loosen the soil. Being only 3m wide and mounted, it is ideal for small fields.

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**All cultivations, except ploughing, are undertaken using GPS Auto-steer for maximum efficiency.

To book, or discuss an operation further please call Matt on 07845 667331